Rhum Damoiseau Blanc

The Damoiseau white rum is truly unique with a distinctive character. Originating from Guadeloupe, this agricultural rum (rum made from fermented sugar cane juice) is available in 3 different alcohol by volume (40%, 50% & 55%). The one that I’ve tasted recently is the 40% ABV.

Nose – On the first whiff and you’ll immediately find freshly pressed sugar cane, floral tones and hint of almonds.  Take a second nose at it and you’ll realize that the rum is extremly refreshing and slightly ‘perfumed’.

Taste – Imagine sipping freshly pressed sugar cane juice…Damoiseau white rum is just that! The taste is beautiful with refreshing characters of sugar cane juice, hints of tropical fruits and gentle nutty characters possibly deriving from its 3-6 months of aging under high pressure in wood barrels. It all ends with a soothing and crispy finish. Absolutely brilliant!

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