Bottling : 5.2.09
Barrel No. : 315,      Warehouse : H,      Rick: 28

Tasting Notes:

Pale light amberish colour with a tinge of green. An interesting nose with traces of warm spices, sweet vanilla and prominent tones of orange rind…(an almost ‘cognac’ like aroma). Take a sip and the bourbon opens up with a sweet start and then a rush of spices. It gently melts away to a herbaceous finish with a rather strong dose of bitterness in its aftertaste. At 49% ABV Blanton’s Silver is a decent bourbon with a rich and heavy character.

55ml      Blanton’s Silver
30ml     Italian Sweet Vermouth
1 dash  Angosturas Bitters
2 tsp     Sugar Syrup
Mix all ingredients with ice cubes in mixing glass and stir. Strain content into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a maraschino cherry.
* Note: Blanton’s got quite a bitterish character hence be vary of the quantity of Angosturas that goes into this cocktail.

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