skyy-infusions-passion-fruit As a bartender, I’ve never really been a big fan of vodka, but it’s probably one of those spirits that I do use quite a fair bit in my drinks. Reason being that it’s a popular tipple today that drinkers prefer. However you’ll also notice a prominent revival in the enjoyment of gin, rum and tequila in some parts of the world lately.

Anyhow as mentioned, I’ve never been a big fan of vodka but I’ve got to give a thumbs up to the guys at Skyy Vodka for coming up with probably one of the best ‘flavoured’ vodka that you did get in the market…the Skyy Infusion Passion Fruit!

Unlike other flavoured vodka, the Skyy Infusion Passion Fruit is extremely refreshing and flavourful. It has a distinctive tropical aroma; lots of passion fruit and somewhat hints of ripe mangoes. On your first sip, you’ll notice a great deal of fresh passion fruit rushing to your palate. Sweet fruits with a well balanced acidity while maintaining a rich body true to the word ‘vodka’. You’ll find strong fresh flavours of passion fruit due to the fact the fruit is being infused into the vodka. Skyy Infusion Passion Fruit was launched in 2008 and is available at 70 proof. The Skyy Infusion range is also available in Grape, Pineapple, Cherry, Citrus and Raspberry

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