midnight-supper3Skybar Menu

In July I’ll be showcasing some Malaysia inspired cocktails at Skybar, Kuala Lumpur. There’ll be some interesting cocktails made from local ingredients such as mangosteen, rambutans, lemongrass and spices ready to excite your taste buds! See you there!

By the way, we’ll also be setting up the Fluidalchemy official website do check back in September when we launch it…complete with resource page and industry news updates!


3 Comments on “SKYBAR, KUALA LUMPUR”

  1. veer says:

    how i can help

  2. Elaine says:

    So that’s what you were doing there. Your recipes sound awesome, will try to drop by and try them out.

    P.S. Hard to picture you obliging to a photoshoot!

  3. Nicholas Tan says:

    Hey buddy, i guess i’d miss out alot of things. please update me for the next event.

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