Virtual Cocktail Competition


International Virtual Competition Cocktails

Seeking communion among professionals in bars around the world, we are pleased to present the 1st International Virtual Cocktails Competition EL JUEGO DE LA COPA (The game of the Cup)

Main purpose of the competition: develop and share our knowledge with the world. The idea is to share the culture of bartending. Make known what we do and know they do in other parts of the world.

Awards: publication and dissemination of our work not only in the blog but also in local and international media.

Scope of competition, it is global. Evaluating a winner by continent, and among them a champion. At the same time and in parallel to develop a competition in Argentina.

Classification: you have time until April 15, 2009. Twenty five (25) bartenders were selected for competition in Argentina. And 15 per continent (Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and America). That\’s why Bartenders from Republica Argentina will have two evaluations, one for nacional competition (25 participants) and one for competition in the American continent (15 participants).

Mode competition: month to month Bartenders selected must submit a cocktail based on certain guidelines that will be published every month. The recipe shall be presented with a photograph of the cocktail and a photograph of the participant. They will be evaluated by professionals around the world, and that score will be added every month.

The information will be published soon by professionals who will judge, all members of severals Bartenders associations around the world.

Rating: The Cocktails were assessed as follows:
Taste: 30/100
Nose: 15/100
Visual: 15/100
Flavor: 30/100
Originality: 10/100

It will be very important the photography, and Garnish used.

The Jury for Argentina are: Martin Hagberg – Matias Merlo – Pablo Ayos – Isla Ñ – Border Line

The International Jury to date are:
Dimitris Zappaz
Member of the Bartenders Association of Greece
Thorsten Schulz
Member of the Bartenders Association of Germany
Colombian Association of Bartenders
Freddy Nicolas Meirelles
Member of the Bartenders Association of Uruguay
Larry Naylor
Member of the Bartenders Association of New Zealand
Veer Gopal
President of the Bartenders Association of Mauritania
Ben Ng
Member of the Bartenders Association of Malaysia

Bases: Cocktail to create for the qualifying stage will be a long drink which should have a tea (infusion) and a syrup.

The recipe must be expressed in parts 10/10 and drops may be added and Dash.
The Garnish be edible.

The recipe must be submitted by mail as a Word file attachment. Accompanying it with a photo of the competitor and cocktails, in the same file. Such mail should be addressed to

Data must be: Participant Name – Address – Country – Continent – Mail Workplace – Position Name Cocktail – Ingredients – Glassware – Preparation Method Preparation

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  1. Hi,
    Just came across this.
    Any chance you will be doing this next year too?
    Also would like to trade links with you.Am listing you for new links May then into our blog feeds.
    We run Spirits Review ( and Booze (

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