purees-bouteilles-sans-shaker3The guys from Boiron have recently developed an innovative packaging for their fruit purees. Known to be packaged in their 1 kg box/trays, Boiron now produces this squeeze bottles made to specific requirements for the bar operations.  This squeeze bottles measure a 17.4 cm(height) and 6.8cm (diameter) and holds up to 480 grams of frozen puree. I find the size and dimension a really good design for the cocktail station as it fits perfectly into the speed rails and ice bin compartments without obstructing your work flow. The vibrant, glossy and bright label is also another plus point. It looks stylish and hygienic to be used in front of customers and furthermore, the bright white labels with an enlarge picture of the fruit makes them easy to spot in a dark or dimly lit bar area. The labels on the bottles also do not wear off after several rounds of far mine is still intact and looks new! To ensure freshness, there is also a cap for the spout which is attached to the bottled neck. The frozen purees in this squeeze bottles are similar to those in the classic 1 kg box/trays.

Available Flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Mango, Passion Fruit and White Peach

Currently available in : U.A.E. and Taiwan

Soon to be available in : Singapore and Indonesia

3 Comments on “BOIRON FRUIT PUREE”

  1. ozzie says:


    can you give me the contact or distributor for your product in uae. i am based in dubai


  2. Xavi says:

    Is there any supplier in Hong Kong?

  3. Ben Ng says:

    hey xavi, you can reach them in Hong Kong at

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