Swedish Government owned V&S Group reported a 9% sales increase for 2007. V&S owned Absolut Vodka which is the fourth largest international premium spirits brand in the world recorded an exciting growth in several regions. The US saw a 4% increase in sales of Absolut (The US is still Absolut Vodka’s largest market) while there were significant sales increase in the following country:

United Kingdom : 50%
Spain : 37%
Brazil : 49%
Canada : 12%
Mexico : 10%

The V&S Absolut Spirits Division which is responsible for Absolut Vodka, Level Vodka, Cruzan Rum, Plymouth Gin and FRÏS Vodka was up 6% in profit.
Apart from major contributions from Absolut Vodka, Cruzan Rum which saw a 19% growth in 2007 also contributed to the company’s exceptional performance.

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