COCKTAILS – Velvet Flute

I was travelling through the village of St Paul de Vence in France two years ago and I stumbled upon a variety of local syrups, liqueurs and ABSINTHE! The local ‘produce’ was great and you can’t help but to indulge in it. Of course I can’t leave without some of this gems to add to my collection back i got a Poire William, Mandarine Liqueur and a Cotton Candy syrup. After two years.. I finally pop the cap of the St Paul Mandarine liqueur to have a go at it and came up with the Velvet Flute! If you’re a gin-lover, this might probably be the drink for you…

Velvet Flute
2 White Nectarine Wedge
1/2 White Nectarine (chopped)
45ml Tanqueray Gin
15ml Monin Peach Liqueur
15ml St Paul Mandarine Liqueur (30% ABV)
Splash Soda Water
Large Ice Cubes

Chill a champagne flute. Muddle the nectarine wedges in a mixing glass. Add gin, liqueurs and large ice cubes into mixing glass. Stir the content in the mixing glass till well mix and chilled. Add chopped nectarine into champagne flute and pour the content from the mixing glass into the champagne flute. Top with a splash of soda water.
Garnish: Mint sprig and serve with a soda spoon
Recipe by: Ben Ng


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