Cocktail – 1903

I’ve always looked for cocktails made with Mandarine Napoleon in many cocktail bars and unfortunately it’s hard to find. It is probably because Mandarine Napoleon is a brilliant drink on it’s own and I personally have them on the rocks most of the time. This mandarin orange infused cognac is a great after dinner indulgence to end a sumptous dinner.

60 ml Mandarine Napoleon
2.5ml Skyy Vanilla Vodka
1 ml Jagermeister
Large Ice Cube
Cilantro Sprig
Lemon Twist (Spiral)

Chill an old fashioned glass. Add lots of ice cube, Mandarine Napoleon, Skyy vodka and Jaegermeister into a mixing glass. Stir till the content in the mixing glass is well mix and chilled. Strain the mix into a chilled old fashioned fill with ice cubes.
Garnish: Cilantro Sprig and Lemon Twist

Recipe by Ben Ng

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